Luis F. Campos

Statistics Ph.D. Student
Harvard University

About me

I'm a Graduate Student in Statistics at Harvard University. I'm interested in broad applications of statistical principles and modeling to solve complex problems. In recent years I've become interested in advancing survey methodology, from the proper use of existing methods for survey experiments to developing new methods for functional or highly correlated responses using Bayesian modeling. I've also continued pursuing my interests in public health, and recently astrophysics, by collaborating with researchers and advancing existing methodology. Below you can find a list of past and current projects.

In my past I studied Mathematics and Statistics at the University of California, Davis, then more Statistics at University of California, Berkeley. After I had had enough of studying, I spent some time consulting in the San Francisco bay area before taking a position as a Statistician in the Biostatistics unit of the UC Irvine Institute for Clinical and Translational Sciences. I've always believed in developing statistical methodology using the bench-to-bedside approach and my time at UC Irvine helped me solidify this in practice.


I've had the pleasure of assisting in teaching several semester-long courses, here are some.



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